Meet Tina Anderson

Spiritual Coach | Intuitive Channeler | Energy-Raiser

Hello and mega cosmic love to you!

I’m a spiritual coach, a licensed angel therapy practitioner, a Divinely guided intuitive and channeler, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and a media host with over 30 years in wellness and production. I use all of it to raise vibrational energy and help with spiritual awakening and transformation. And, I do it with love, light and levity.

From speaking or emceeing on big stages and large events to intimiate or casual; social gatherings to private, group coaching and oracle card reading sessions; to live streaming and other media work, I’m on purpose when I’m raising vibes and transforming lives.

I’ve paid my dues many times over so I can activate change with both compassion and detachment as well as with wisdom from other realms. I’ve been doing it all of my life, even when I was not aware of my gifts. Now, my traditional training, education and experience work in tandem and are harmonized with my spiritual gifts of healing and inspiration.

Understanding the what’s, why’s and how’s in your life is a huge part of my life purpose. Consider me as your anecdote to the broken record syndrome (BRS) and your funnel to a less burdened, more peaceful and definitely more freed up life.

Got sh*t storms? I’ve climbed out of mega piles of sh*t in my life. I understand and empathize with the lows of life and the black holes of abyss. I’ve hidden behind my smile and cheerful attitude. I’ve put countless band aids on my wounds and tried to eat them away, literally (as a bulimic). I once typed a suicide letter to my best friend. I get it.

I hold sacred space for you. I do not judge. I discern. I open the energy around you for expansion. We create a new paradigm for you and your life. It’s f-ing incredible. Seriously. The same thing happens on stage and at events.

Remember that my energy – just in writing this and in you receiving and reading it – will create a bond if we are meant to work together. If you get a “gut” feeling or if you feel comfortable and at ease; confident or even a small sense of release and peace, please reach out. The Divine and your guides; God…are already at work in your life.

Like bio lists? Here’s mine:

MA in Management & Leadership with thesis in emotional intelligence – BA in Journalism/Advertising – Certificated Radio/TV/Film graduate -Licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Angel Card Reader – Certified Life Coach – Certified SOAR Master Psychic and Medium – Usui Reiki Master – Basic & Advanced (Transcendental) Dowsing certified – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) trained and  studies in Shamanic Rites, Animal Reiki and Crystal Reiki.

I have 30+ years in wellness and media as a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Continuing Education Provider, Master Trainer, contributing writer to international publications and as a consultant. I did commercial/industrial acting and voiceover and I still freelance as a writer and producer, as a speaker and in media work. I produced morning radio in Los Angeles for two of the top stations and hosted/co-hosted my own shows for many years, including Moments of Serenity for American Airlines, my syndicated show, Life In The Groove and Blake Aaron Live with Tina Anderson. I managed award-winning public relations and marketing efforts for an agency as well as for a major art festival in Laguna Beach, Calif. I also taught radio broadcasting at a local community college for 17 years.

Media Awards and Recognition 

  • SDSU Outstanding Alumni Award (broadcast journalism), Dept. Of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Protos Award for feature writing, Public Relations Society of America
  • Employee of the Month, 94.7, KTWV, The Wave
  • First Place Award for Special Event Program, Western Fairs Association
  • Three-time Instructor of the Quarter, Total Woman Gym & Day Spa
  • Best in the Western Region, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Voice/Host/Editor for award-winning Moments of Serenity (in-flight channel for American Airlines)
  • Voiceover and on-camera talent for the American Council on Exercise, one of the top education and training organizations in health and fitness.
  • Founding contributor to Real. Wise. Beauty.
  • M.A., with honors, Webster University
  • Former contributing writer for
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Media Work – Radio, TV, Podcast

My greatest accomplishment is my beautiful marriage of 29+ years (to the same guy, yo) and raising my two boys along with our house full of music, friends, gatherings, our beloved basset hounds and the rest of my extended Peruvian/Norwegian family!