Turn problems into transformation and free your spirit.

Feel truly alive, on purpose and at peace with everything and everyone in your life.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding,” – Leonardo da Vinci

This is where you understand why things happen to you so you can start manifesting and directing your lifeThis is where you learn about synchronicity and how to use signs from the Divine. Rid yourself of the doubts, worries, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent joyful, positive living. 
I’m also about more dancing and less dusting. Feeling sexy and sensual. Life fulfillment. Life without limits. Getting sh*t done and having more fun. Partying with the Universe. And, I’m on a serious mission to raise vibes and transform lives.
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Cosmic Gatherings

Goddess Gatherings and my signature events! Bring your angels and guides into collective energy and sacred space featuring Goddess Guidance and other angel cards. Laughter, emotional connections, high vibes, healing, important messages, fun and other surprises.
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Spiritual Coaching

A combination of spiritual life coaching, intuitive counseling, my connection to the angelic realm and my 30+ years in wellness. Release burdens, understand your journey and the people in it and love it/them no matter what. Includes angel card readings.
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Fuel for Your Soul

My new store offering both freebies and downloadable purchases. Unique guided meditations, PDF downloads, High Vibrational trainings, affirmations, videos and much more are on the way. I will be developing new stuff based on need and our collective consciousness.


“Because of Tina I re-discovered my passion for acting and literally dove back into my craft 24-hours after our conversation. I’m already in a short film. Incredible.” Jack M.

Coto de Caza, CA.

“Tina is AMAZING!! She has brought much clarity into my life and many questions have been answered. I couldn’t be happier knowing I am on the right path! If you need to find answers – contact her!”
Heidi G.

Huntington Beach, CA.

“I feel so good. The affirmations you gave me are already making a difference. The Erase and Replace exercise is so powerful. You rock! Thank you so much. ” Michelle D.

Tustin, CA.

“It is rare that you find a person who at once is talented, very bright, and highly skilled. It is rarer still that such a person is open, compassionate, and tuned-in to the spiritual side of living. If you get a chance to meet or read with Tina Anderson, run don’t walk. She is everything as advertised and a whole lot more.”
Boyd J., Esq.

Miami Beach, FL.

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