Readings, Guidance, Coaching

Three levels of intuitive guidance for different needs and different budgets.

My specialty is combining my intuitive and psychic gifts with my background in emotional intelligence, wellness and spirtual life coaching. This helps you navigate your earthly journey with clarity and energy and with the tools to make choices for your highest good and for inner-peace. Things are much easier when you are in alignment.

I help you leap or take baby steps. In fact, maybe your life is pretty f-ing awesome already but you’re just wondering what your angels and guides would like to communicate. Those readings are still tremendously valuable and insightful, and often a bit surprising. Liberate parts of yourself or your life that have been stuck.. Break free from self-sabotage or harsh judgments. No more broken record syndrome (for those of you old enough to understand that parallel)! 

A little more about my tools. I start with a channeled automatic drawing and then add oracle cards. I often include Chakra Stones to check in with your energy centers after I’ve done a personal scan. You will end the session feeling uplifted and lighter and with a few practical action steps to move forward. It really is beautiful. 

Opening up to higher realms and heavenly powers will probably be the most incredible discovery process of your life.  If you’re feeling a bit unsure about all of this I offer free one-card readings. We’ll see what your angels want you to know. No pressure! (Call or email me to set up a time.)

Tina, your reading has provided so much peace in my life, especially around this transition of new energy. As the world is experiencing tumultuous time, I remember to go within and do the work I am called forth to do… your readings support my belief that healing myself, heals the world. Tina confirming my knowing that I am here to impact the planet, but was too afraid to take steps forward. She also did an automatic drawing for me, and everything on that drawing has come true. I’ve worked with many healers. Tina had a purity in receiving the messages that my guides and Spirit have been wanting to share with me and I haven’t fully understood. I am so grateful for her. – Rucel P., San Diego, CA.

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