Multiple Readings

Excellent Choice for Deeper Growth, Change and Support

Multiple Readings Means Coaching, Support and Accountability

Get clarity and direction about your most pressing questions and situations as well as more support and accountability, which has been shown to be one of the key factors in making and keeping positive changes. I often have clients return for more guidance so I created a package.

Often times, our path includes others. You can share and transfer any part of this package. When others in your life understand their own spiritual evolvement, you can all help each other stay on track. 


  • Get you started on the correct and Divinely inspired path, often with surprising information.
  • Instant “soul” lift and empowerment with my integrative wellness and spiritual coaching techniques..
  • Start reducing worry, anxiety and confusion.
  • Start adding clarity, direction, momentum and a shift towards actual transformation.
  • Know that you will have a few significant action steps to start evolving into your highest self.
“Tina went above and beyond to provide a beautiful, well crafted Angel card reading for me. She was generous with her time, thoughtful and comprehensive and really created an ambiance that felt truly connected. Her words flowed effortlessly in her explanation of the meaning behind each card and she took time throughout to make sure all her feedback was clear. It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend spending time with Tina to gain clarity on questions that you may have.”
All the best - Nicole

Los Angeles, CA.

Need accountability and more time to process and change? Click here for my transformation package.