Gatherings & Collaborations

Gatherings to unifiy, uplift, energize and heal!

My events and gatherings bring your angels and guides into collective energy and sacred space in a loving, compassionate and energized setting.  My most popular gathering is my Angel Party for 6-10 people. Angel Parties feature mini readings, a short meditation, intuition building, and a complimentary oracle card and crystal.  They last for two hours. The energy exchange (cost) is $20-$35 per person.


I’ve also done Goddess Gatherings, Sound & Aura Healing Collaborations, Wellness Worshops, Free Your Spirit Parties and Spirit Party Experiences, and I’m working on a few new concepts for 2019-2020. What can I create for you? Together we can raise vibes, build tribes and transform lives.  Please email me here or call me at 949-441-4902 to discuss more.

Tina has a way of bringing people together and having one-on-one conversations at the same time that bring out the best in everyone. Her wisdom and insight and understanding of how to communicate on a soul level are magical and healing. – Linda U., Laguna Beach

It was perfect. Magical, uplifting, touching and just what I needed. Thank you for such a fun gathering! – Sue P., Irvine

Tina combines her spiritual gifts with practical living and I knew she had something incredibly special to offer the minute I met her. What a fun and uplifting evening! – Laura M., Newport Beach