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I honor and support your growth and happiness at all levels along your journey.

Here are some options to keep you on track. 


Meditating is the ultimate for stress relief and the way to tune into your highest self. There is no right or wrong way if it works. Just get started. Try out different approaches. Blend it into your life. 

Relieve Stress

Try this FREE meditation to relieve stress and rejuvenate your mind.
“I woke up feeling renewed and ready to take on the day with a new sense of hope and clarity.” – Chris D., SJC

“I love the meditations. They are very professional and very motivating. You have such a calm voice. It creates an amazing experience.” – Tirtza Y., Israel

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Increase Gratitude Guided Meditation

A beautiful and unique approach to one of our most powerful, energy-raising, and healing emotions.   Music by Reece Anderson Listen for free and/or download mp3 for $2.99.

Elliptical-Stairclimber Meditation-Affirmations & Mini Workout

unique combination of affirmations and meditation to raise your vibes and release toxic energy while you get a short workout. Music supplied by http://www.purple-planet.com Llisten for free and/or download mp3 for $3.99.

Upright/Recumbent/Spin Bike Chakra Meditation & Mini Workout

Energize and heal each chakra, especially the third eye and crown. Very powerful. And, a short yet effective mini workout.  Music supplied by http://www.purple-planet.com Listen for free and/or download mp3 for $3.99.

Forgiveness, Love & Compassion

A simple, straight forward meditation that you can easily apply to both help you heal and help raise love and kindness in the Universe at the same time.  Music by national recording artist, Blake Aaron.

Listen for free and/or download mp3 for $2.99

Releasing Destructive Thoughts

Uses principles from ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) along with traditional meditative techniques to help you break free of toxic, negative and destructive thoughts. Music by national recording artist, Blake Aaron.

Listen for free and/or download mp3 for $2.99 

Insights Into Lifelong Happiness

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Energize your life with these five powerful tips.

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