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Exercise Smarter to Burn Fat

How you move, how you fuel and how you rest should all support a Mad Dog Metabolism and you can ignite that fire if you exercise smarter to burn fat 24/7. It's the ultimate situation for any of us trying to lose weight or maintain our ideal shape. It's critical as we...

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Getting Rid of Clutter (part 3)

The final words on clutter. We finish with more tips and parting words of encouragement. If this isn't enough, hire an expert. It will be worth it if you're buried that deep. Less chaos, I promise. If you missed part 2, here is the link. From The Happiness...

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Getting Rid of Clutter (part 2)

Time to Clean Up the Clutter. Now that we better understand why we accumulate so much stuff, let’s look at where we typically dump, store and (often) forget and how to deal with it. • Closets Besides desks, these mini rooms collect lots of undesirables. Spring...

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Getting Rid of Clutter (part 1)

Where there is clutter, there is chaos. I believe this because frustration and stress are often not far behind. Why do we have so much stuff? Friggin’ stuff everywhere.  The Why's of Clutter kick off this three part series. 1. We live hectic and busy lifestyles so...

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