Coaching and Intuitive Guidance

Special packages in three different levels. All feature Angel and Oracle Card Intuitive Readings.

First let me say this…

I’m so glad you are here. Truly. Opening up to your guides, to God, the angels, to higher realms; Jesus, etc., will probably be the most incredible discovery process of your life. And, if you’re feeling a bit unsure about all of this, by the way, I offer free mini one-card readings. We’ll see what your angels want you to know. No pressure! (Call or email me to set up a time.)

All of us lightworkers are here to serve, unify and bring love and compassion into the world. Many are profound healers. My specialty is combining my intuition, my wisdom from other realms, emotional intelligence, integrative and spiritual life coaching and of course, angel and oracle cards. This helps you navigate your earthly journey while you embrace and increase spiritual consciousness. Healing is a natural consequence of this process, along with clarity and thriving in all aspects of your life.

 I help you leap or take baby steps. I help you understand.

In fact, maybe your life is pretty f-ing awesome already but you’re just wondering what your angels and guides would like to communicate. Those are super fun readings and still tremendously valuable and insightful and often a bit surprising.

This is what I want for you. A non-stop party with the Universe. That means less stress, less burdens, more serenity, more joy, more fulfillment, clarity, balance and more fun. To liberate parts of yourself that have been stuck, repressed or self-conscious. No more comparisons or judgments. I offer my services on three levels.

A little more about my tools. The cards help us recognize heavenly signs and better understand the synchronicity in our lives. The angels want you to have a clear connection to God and the chance of legitimate, lasting inner-peace. That’s why they are so helpful. I have 25 different decks (from life purpose, romance and health to dreams, archetypes past lives and much more) but I always use angel cards as part of a reading. I also do an automatic drawing and line up my Chakra Stones to check in with your energy centers. You will end the session feeling uplifted and lighter; connected to heaven and with a few practical action steps to move forward. It really is beautiful.

Tina, your reading has provided so much peace in my life, especially around this transition of new energy. As the world is experiencing tumultuous time, I remember to go within and do the work I am called forth to do… your readings support my belief that healing myself, heals the world.

Tina read my astrology report, confirming my knowing that I am here to impact the planet, but was too afraid to take steps forward. She also did an automatic drawing for me, and everything on that drawing has come true.

I’ve worked with many healers. Tina had a purity in receiving the messages that my guides and Spirit have been wanting to share with me, and I haven’t fully understood. I am so grateful for her.

Rucel P.

San Diego, CA.

Level One Reading

Mini Coaching Session
$65/and up
  • reiki stoneGet started on the correct and Divinely inspired path, often with surprising information. More than a typical reading. It’s a mini coaching session.
  • Instant “soul” lift and empowerment.
  • Quick tap into my integrative wellness and spiritual coaching.
  • We will communicate via email or text (prior to the session) in regards to your question or concern.
  • I pull oracle cards from several decks and connect to your guides and angels. I will send you pictures of the front and back of the cards and any corresponding explanations to help you remember the significance.
  • I do an automatic drawing which I will email or text to you. (Another tool to provide clarity.)
  • I will use my Chakra Stones to help you identify which energy centers need attention and healing.
  • Private 30 min or 60 min Sessions

Level Three Reading

Transformation Coaching Package
  • Tina Anderson on rock welcoming you1 – 60-minute reading (1st week)
  • 4 – 45-minute sessions (weeks 2-5)
  • 7 – 30-minute sessions (weeks 6-12)
  • Usui Reiki blessed crystals (mailed to you in 2nd month)
  • 3 – Personalized Affirmation/Mantras (one each month)
  • Monthly work for accountability, to help you recognize synchronicity and to keep your healing and growth on track.
  • Email support (guidance and counseling as needed) for three months.
  • 2 – Mp3 Guided Meditation downloads (to be determined based on progress).
  • Front and back of cards and photo of drawing via email or text.
  • 2- Integrative Wellness exercises based on areas needing biggest clarity and growth.

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