Goddess Gatherings

Bring the goddesses together for an uplifting gathering!

My signature event!

Bring your angels and guides into collective energy and sacred space with your girlfriends (and anyone who identifies with his/her Divine Feminine Consciousness) in a loving, compassionate setting. Tap into your unique goddess vibration while you increase clarity and your own intuition without the burden of judgment, and, have fun, too.

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  • I use Goddess Guidance oracle cards and prepare them, listening for messages for your participants before the event. (Fee includes about an hour of prep time.) Participants are always curious to see which Goddess wants to communicate and why.
  • All participants receive a copy of their card’s meaning plus the additional messages I receive during the party.
  • I come as The Cosmic Goddess and I stay channeled with her throughout the gathering.
  • I use partnering to help you tap into your intuition and to better understand synchronicity.
  • Features a fun and free-spirited group story time circle (laughter is usually a by product)!
  • At your business, house or another location of your choice.
  • Can be part of a birthday party or other celebration.
  • 5-12 participants is suggested with but I’ve worked with up to 18.
  • Host receives additional bonus (free) 20-minute reading.
  • I will provide suggestions for food/drink, etc.
  • I bring music via mp3 if needed.

How it works: -These are driven by Spirit and by the collective needs and energy of your group. Each Goddess Gathering is different and customized (and has its own magic, fun and healing) for that reason. -Fee: $150/hour plus standard mileage if distance is over 15 miles roundtrip. You can divide the fee by attendees but full payment is held with a credit card. -Two-hour minimum. -No refunds but I will reschedule.

“Ageless goddesses recognize that there are always new things to learn and discover, for which to let loose their curiosity and playfulness…to get drunk with joy…”

– Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Note: I also host my own gatherings. Please email me here to be on my list for updates if you are not already subscribed.

What the Goddesses are saying…

Tina has a way of bringing people together and having one-on-one conversations at the same time that bring out the best in everyone. Her wisdom and insight and understanding of how to communicate on a soul level are magical and healing. Linda U.

Laguna Beach, CA.

It was perfect. Magical, uplifting, touching and just what I needed. Thank you for such a fun gathering! Sue P.

Irvine, CA.

Tina combines her spiritual gifts with practical living and I knew she had something incredibly special to offer the minute I met her. What a fun and uplifting evening! Laura M.

Newport Beach, CA.

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