Goddess Gatherings & Cosmic Events

Gatherings to unifiy, uplift, energize and heal!

My signature events!

Bring your angels and guides into collective energy and sacred space in a loving, compassionate and energized setting.  Be yourself and have fun. I can customize your event based on the participants and desired outcome. From Spirit Circles, Sound Baths, Meditations to themed gatherings of all types – for men, women, couples and singles. Divine Guidance and Cosmic Energy are always present.

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  • I use Goddess Guidance oracle cards for Goddess Gatherings.
  • All participants receive a copy of their card’s meaning.
  • I can come as The Cosmic Goddess and stay channeled with her throughout the gathering.
  • I offer partnering to help you tap into your intuition and to better understand synchronicity.
  • Fee is typically $150/hour plus standard mileage if distance is over 15 miles roundtrip. You can divide the fee by attendees but full payment is held with a credit card.
  • At your business, house or another location of your choice.
  • Can be part of a birthday party or other celebration.
  • Host receives additional bonus (free) 20-minute reading.
  • I will provide suggestions for food/drink, etc.
  • I bring music via mp3 if needed.
  • Two-hour minimum. (No refunds but I will reschedule.)

Please email me here or call me at 949-441-4902 to get the “party started” literally!  And, here’s a link to my calendar.

“Ageless goddesses recognize that there are always new things to learn and discover, for which to let loose their curiosity and playfulness…to get drunk with joy…”

– Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Feedback and Testimonials

Tina has a way of bringing people together and having one-on-one conversations at the same time that bring out the best in everyone. Her wisdom and insight and understanding of how to communicate on a soul level are magical and healing. Linda U.

Laguna Beach, CA.

It was perfect. Magical, uplifting, touching and just what I needed. Thank you for such a fun gathering! Sue P.

Irvine, CA.

Tina combines her spiritual gifts with practical living and I knew she had something incredibly special to offer the minute I met her. What a fun and uplifting evening! Laura M.

Newport Beach, CA.